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More Train, Less Pain; Engineering the Adaptable Athlete

Feb 28, 2021

The dynamic duo brings on Tony Gentilcore, the cooler big brother of the Strength and Conditioning World, to count down “The Top 3 Things We’ve Changed Our Minds About in the Past 5 Years”. Whether you’re a fan of rehabilitation semantics, submaximal training, or obscure 1980s Superman movie references, this...

Feb 22, 2021

Dr. Michelle Boland and Dr. Tim Richardt discuss how models and principles are useful, explain their own unique models within their physical therapy and fitness services, and provide you with actual application strategies using models within day-to-day decisions.

Models provide a structure to follow and a feedback loop...

Feb 12, 2021

Welcome to the More Train, Less Pain podcast with Dr. Michelle Boland and Dr. Tim Richardt. Our podcast is specifically designed around engineering the adaptable athlete.

This is our obligatory “introduction” episode, where we’ll be briefly discussing who we are, why we’re making this, and what you can expect...