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More Train, Less Pain; Engineering the Adaptable Athlete

May 3, 2021

Michelle and Tim are joined by THE Fergus Connolly, expert in all things team performance, consultant to professional sports organizations and tech companies alike, and author of 59 Lessons, The Happiness Handbook, and Game Changer.

They discuss Fergus’s personal exercise habits, the importance of choosing the RIGHT key performance indicators, the pitfalls of being overly “objective” with sport metric tracking, sustaining success in sport and life, and the value of “safe-to-fail” learning environments.

If you’re a movement professional looking to better understand WHICH data matters, this is the episode for you. If you’re a member of an organization looking to inspire cultural change for the better, this is the episode for you. If you’re simply a human looking to interact better with your fellow humans, THIS IS THE EPISODE FOR YOU. 

This is also the episode for you if you enjoy Irish accents (who doesn’t?). Subscribe, download, listen, and learn!