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More Train, Less Pain; Engineering the Adaptable Athlete

May 30, 2021

Shed a tear and drink a tequila along with Michelle and Tim as they bid farewell to Season One of More Train, Less Pain. They’ll each count down their Top 3 “Throughlines and Takeaways” from the incredible guests they’ve been joined by thus far, as well as inject the usual degree of nonsense in the form of “Season One Superlatives”.

What habits, tactics, and thought-processes got repeated over and over by multiple leaders in the fields of S&C and PT? What topics were most impactful to Michelle and Tim’s respective practices? What Season One guest would they LEAST like to face in an impromptu, back-alley powerlifting meet? All these questions (and MORE) answered on the FINAL episode of Season 1 of More Train, Less Pain; Engineering the Adaptable Athlete.