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More Train, Less Pain; Engineering the Adaptable Athlete

May 24, 2021

Get ready for some MUCH anticipated Q&A. Fine listeners from all over the world have submitted excellent Q’s. Michelle and Tim do their damndest to A ‘em. On this episode they’ll tackle such topics as;

  • K-tape
  • Overdoing fitness
  • Making rehab fun (again!)
  • Over-complicating strength and conditioning
  • The SFMA
  • Managing contradictory treatment models
  • Desert island exercise(s)
  • How to MENTOR
  • Michelle’s bench press numbers

If you’ve liked Season 1 of More Train, Less Pain thus far, you’ll LOVE this episode. Tune in next week for the SEASON ONE FINALE, which will be the premier of both “Boozy Podcasting” AND “Season Superlatives”.